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Smoke and Mirrors: The Facts on Vaping

If you think vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking, think again.

When e-cigarettes first came out, many thought they were a healthier way of smoking or a easier way to quit tobacco. Today, we know better.

You might think vaping sounds safe. So do many Wisconsin teens and young adults who use them. And while many will stick with vaping, a number will go on to smoke traditional cigarettes.

The truth is that vaping is a public health crisis and Wisconsin’s teens and young adults need to see vaping for what it is: a direct threat to their health and safety.  

  • While vaping may be seen as a safer form of tobacco use, this belief is the result of clever marketing deliberately designed to blur the line in order to hook a new generation on tobacco.
    By taking advantage of vaping’s reputation as less risky, commercial tobacco companies have successfully promoted the falsehood that vaping is a safe and clean alternative method to smoking, taking advantage of the controversary surrounding exactly how safe (or unsafe) vaping is to promote their products, just like they did with traditional cigarettes decades earlier. Shocking, right?
    Learn more about the predatory marketing tactics used by major tobacco companies and educate yourself on the harms caused by vape use.

The Facts on Vaping Slideshow

Learn more about the facts on vaping, including the true financial cost, commercial tobacco's predatory marketing tactics, and the damage vaping causes to the human body.