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What We Do

Safe Drug Disposal & Storage

Research shows that a high percentage of heroin users began their addiction by misusing prescription painkillers. That’s why it’s important to store medication securely in the home and to dispose of any unwanted pills that can be easily accessed by another person.

RISE Drug Free MKE/MCSAP has long supported safe drug disposal and storage options and awareness, including:

  • The placement of secure drug drop-boxes in fire and police stations, pharmacies, and other easily accessed sites throughout Milwaukee County
  • The regular use of drug deactivation pouches, secure mail-back envelopes, and medication lock boxes for private use
  • Public drug take-back drives, especially in neighborhoods and communities that are traditionally underserved by health care facilities
  • Senior Safety Talks at senior living centers and churches with collections picked up by local law enforcement
  • Building alliances with local pharmacists and members of the health community to exchange information on safe prescribing and disposing of medication
  • Creating the “One Choice” public service announcement to encourage safe storage of medication in the home
  • Partnering with Take Back My Meds Milwaukee and Racine, coalitions completely devoted to the safe disposal of medication to prevent substances from polluting our waterways and getting into the wrong hands a fueling an addiction

For a full list and map of drug disposal sites in Milwaukee County, go to Take Back My Meds’ website.